Why do we want to know our genealogy?

More often than not, we experience a tingly sensation when we learn about ancestors. Whether it’s through a story your grandmother’s telling or photos your father is showing you, our origins are a point of interest.

Genealogy is tracing a family’s ancestral history. While some wouldn’t bother digging through so much data, many more are passionate to find out just where their families came from.

The ultimate question is: Why do we want to know our genealogy?

1. It satisfies curiosity.

Anything that’s interesting starts from curiosity. Genealogists are passionate about what they do because they are curious to finding out more about someone’s ancestral history.

From here, you get answers. With answers, you get more questions, which leads to a lot more discoveries.

2. It solves mysteries.

The gift of genealogy is it puts together bits and pieces of a big family puzzle. If you’re someone who’s on the lookout to learning why certain relatives of yours don’t look alike or why others suffered certain fates, genealogy can help you.

3. It gives you instant connection.

Once you’re able to find a lead on your family’s ancestral background, you suddenly feel closer to them. Wouldn’t it feel deeper and better when you see an old photo of your long lost great, great grandfather and know who he is?

This is probably the most heartwarming thing about studying genealogy. It draws people closer and strengthens connections even more.

4. It deepens your identity.

Imagine if you get the opportunity to learn about your family’s history. Think of all the colorful, diverse roads each of your ancestors took to get you where you are today.

Once you learn more about them and you realize just how much of an impact they have on you, you have a deeper sense of being.

Genealogy is delayed gratification at its finest. While it takes a long time and a lot of patience, the rewards are priceless.

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