What should you do if your DNA testing proves that there was an affair in your family?

DNA tests aren’t always pleasant. More often than not, it reveals other truths to the family that could’ve meant to be a secret all this time.

People experience such things, like discovering that they are a product of an affair. Considering this kind of evidence doesn’t lie, you could be left facing devastating questions and unclear answers.

So what exactly do you do when your DNA test reveals that you, or a family member, is actually the product of an affair?

1. Respect the family’s privacy.

Understand that having an affair among families can be a very sensitive subject matter. So if you think your loved ones aren’t exactly up to talking about it, then by all means leave them alone.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for records.

If your family members and loved ones aren’t ready to talk about it, there are always records to dig through and research on.

When you’ve gotten to the place (a county court or statistical office), be calm. No one is judging you. All you’re trying to do is to find out where your biological mother or grandfather is. So go ahead and ask for statistical records. You can simply identify yourself as a descendant and the authorities will be more than happy to help you out.

3. Accommodate them in your family tree.

Whether or not people are comfortable talking about the affair, it’s your research to finish. If you’re in the midst of creating your family tree, make room for the biological parent and his/her family.

This is especially important if your studies show that there’s been more than one child that was a product of an affair in your family.

4. Don’t hesitate to open up for help.

There are various forums that talk about these things online. You can send out short but specific messages regarding the hunt for your biological relative. Don’t be too brief with your messages because some would just find it weird and suspicious.

Moreover, don’t lie if the right people ask you about it. Now that you know the truth and would want nothing more than to find who your other relatives are, then by all means open up and ask for help.

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