What is a Family History Society?

Researching about your ancestors can be very challenging. Not only will it take up a lot of your time. You could be tested to your wits’ end for the sake of documenting and preserving a piece of family history.

Thanks to family history societies, the load for genealogists is eased up a bit. So if you’re one who wants to get the best of his/her research, then learn more about this movement below.

What is a family history society?

A family history society is often a non-profit/charitable organization that aims compile ancestral information for genealogists worldwide. Others ask for minimal membership fees at times.

The extent of sponsorship and research may vary widely. Others are willing to sponsor research seminars, libraries and even foreign trips to genealogists. Others help out in a smaller but still efficient scale, limiting their membership to a specific lineage only.

Various family history societies have been formed all over the world. For a comprehensive list, you can look at this link for reference.

What are the benefits of joining a FHS?

There are a lot of perks a genealogist can get out joining a family history society. Here are some of the following.

  • They have a wealth of information you can use when conducting your ancestral research, since there are a lot of contributors, researchers and volunteers to back you up.
  • You have exclusive access to journals and other publications you may need to gather more information. Moreover, these publications are updated every now and then, increasing the chances of your finding out more about your ancestors.
  • They have other sources apart from online which can be very helpful for you who have limited access to certain archives, records and other pieces of history that can solve your puzzle.
  • You get to save time since you are able to receive a tremendous amount of help in all forms.

Whether it’s paid or not, family history societies can do wonders to enrich your ancestral research. So go ahead and find the best and nearest you to make yours even more comprehensive.


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