What is a family crest?

Whenever you watch films with knights in it, have you ever noticed distinguished symbols on their shields? Are you able to recall just how popular symbolism of families were back in the day?

We’re talking about family crest, also known as heraldry or coat of arms. What exactly is it and how does one family acquire one? Is it even pertinent nowadays?

Read on below to find out.

What is a family crest?

A family crest is a coat of arms that represents a name or an entire family. Those shields of knights during the era of feudalism were amongst the strongest representations of a crest back then.

Nowadays, family crests may be a lot less popular, considering how old-fashioned it can seem to people. While others have such beliefs, it is still possible to make a family crest for your family.

How do you find a family crest?

America, Scotland and the United Kingdom are the three countries that have the best, widest and deepest family crest registry in the world. You can start your research by selecting which registry is nearest you.

Family crests are carried and passed on by the male lineage. So if you are a female, you need to backtrack your father’s records and see if he was given any crest by his father’s father. You’ll need to repeat this process until you find the crest that you’re looking for.

Remember that there are certain laws and rules governing this. It may even be illegal for you to make it as your own in other countries.

What makes a family crest?

A crest is made up of different symbolisms that make for its entire design. Here are some of them:

  • Colors
  • Name
  • Motto
  • Shield
  • Icon/Animal

Each  of this symbol vary in meaning. Red expresses strength and a bear means a strong and true protector. For more info check out this article on interpreting symbols from a family crest.

Believe it or not, you can get the next best thing by making your own family crest. Websites like www.makeyourcoatofarms.com is just one of them.


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