What is A Family Bible?

There are a lot of ways families bond together. There’s the picnic, the Sunday mass and then there’s the Family Bible. Yes, you read it right: a family bible. Those who aren’t familiar of such a book may find it odd that families have a personalized book, much more a Bible.

So just what exactly is a family bible and what can it do to help researchers and families alike?

Continue to read below and find out.

What exactly is a family bible?

A family bible is a kind of bible that’s been handed down from one generation to the next. It contains the same passages as any kind of bible, only a big bulk of the family history is also written down in it.

What is found in a family bible:

  • Births in the family
  • Deaths in the family
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmations
  • Marriages
  • Family photos
  • News clippings
  • Letters and notes
  • Small reminders and written memories

When it comes to appearance, family bibles have a distinct look to them. Compared to what you normally see in bookstores that are small and softbound, a family bible could be a big, heavy and leather-bound book that surely looks of character.

How can this be significant to families and researchers?

For genealogists, finding a family bible is like finding a treasure chest. Considering there a lot of personal information in there, it’s a lot that can be of great, quality research for any genealogist.

Of course this means getting a lot of answers to their questions as well as making their research as rich as ever.

When it comes to families, it’s also a piece of family heritage for them as the younger generations can get a glimpse of how former generations lived before them. This also entails feeling a lot closer to one’s family than ever before.

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