Top Genealogy Mistakes to Avoid

Genealogy is all about studying your family’s ancestral history. While many get too excited heading over to the library or archival centers, there are a good number of mistakes one can make.

So if you want to be a genealogist and learn where you came from, remember the following mistakes you should avoid below.

1. Don’t neglect your living relatives.

This is possibly the biggest mistake genealogists make. They become too stuck studying their deceased ancestors that they forget to consult the living ones.

Understand that these living relatives can make it a lot easier to find answers. They can show you photographs, relay stories and share accounts about your ancestors. So don’t forget about them.

2. Don’t believe everything you see/hear.

The truth about genealogy is it can entail a lot of mistakes. Even archivists are humans too. Those names that you see could’ve misspelled names in them. The dates could’ve also been wrong as well as the places documented.

If someone tells you that your family’s a legend or you come from a great line of whoever, don’t easily believe. Remember, genealogy is all about fats. While it can be very fascinating at some point, keep an objective state of mind.

3. Don’t forget to document everything.

Another common mistake amateur genealogists make is that they forget to write things down. From the sources, places, names and stories you’ve learned, always document everything.

This gives you the opportunity to be organized and systematic. This lets you see areas you could’ve missed out on earlier.

4. Don’t pass up various spellings.

The last name you have now may have slowly evolved from something else before. So what you need to do is to be open to more than one spelling of your last name. People went through a lot of changes over those olden years.

If you see a great link but not the last name spelled similarly, don’t be too easy to shrug it off.

So keep these things in mind before you do your genealogy. It can save you a lot of time and money.

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