Is there a safe way to write on the back of photographs?

Despite the digital age we live in, actual photographs never lose their charm. There’s always the unique kind of nostalgia and excitement when we go through photo albums or browse it one by one.

Compared to having automatic captions we can type in on Facebook or any digital scrapbook, writing on the back of a photo is still a common habit. While some may find that easy, some end up frustrated since the ink just ends up smudging everywhere.

So how exactly do you label your photograph? Here are some tips.

1. Use a typical lead pencil.

Drop the regular pen and pick up a typical pencil. There are a lot of photos that can still take it sparingly more than a regular pen that smudges ink. However, majority of photographs have been printed using resin-coated paper. This doesn’t allow both ink and lead to stick to the photo.

2. Get a felt tip marking pen.

Unlike pencils and pens, a felt tip marking pen can easily do the trick. It’s practically built to write on plastic, which is pretty much the same texture with resin-coated photo paper.

3.  Grease pencils can do wonders too.

One of the best materials to use too is grease pencil. It’s not the same as your typical pencil because it adapts well to the back of a photo.

Even if you plan on stacking one photo on top of another, the grease pencil still works.

4. You can also go for a memory-safe pen/pencil.

If the idea of grease pencils doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you can go for memory-safe pens and pencils.

Taking its essence from its name, memory-safe ones are the perfect choice to write on the back of a photo. You can be sure that there won’t be any ink blots or smudges that can ruin a really good memory.

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