How to repair water damaged photos

It can be such a pain when you end up with wet photos. Considering these are memories you cherish and keep, it’s just but important to know how to repair the damage.

Luckily, you’re in the right page. Today, you’ll learn more about tips to fixing your water damaged photos. Keep in mind that these are only effective when the photos haven’t been wet for a long time.

So act quickly and do these steps below.

1. Place in a tub of lukewarm water.

Remember: lukewarm water. If you directly wet your photos from a running faucet, you’re doing a lot more damage.

This is needed to remove any dirt that may have stuck to the photos.

2. Rinse it in another tub of water.

Once you’ve removed the dirt off the photographs, cleanse them in another tub of water. If there are pictures that are clumped together, don’t force them to separate. Let them soak and soften so that it’s easy for you to peel one away from the other.

3. Repeat the process until all is separated.

Soak and cleanse until all the photographs are individual again. This step is vital, considering you can easily tear of portions of the pictures if you’re not patient enough.

3. Drip them.

Just before you put them in the freezer, make sure they drip so that they’re not soaking wet. Just hang them by the edges so as not to do further damage.

4. Put them in the freezer

Once they’re no longer dripping, put each photo inside an individual freezing bag. Freeze them for at least one day or as long as it needs to repair.

5. Dry and stretch them by the edges.

Remove them from the bags and dry them with an open window plus a humidifier. If some are creating creases from the drying, put weights so they can remain stretched.

6. Check with an expert.

If there are still damages in the photos, consult with an expert. You can even have him/her digitally edit them so you can fully restore each.

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