Going on a Genealogy Road Trip

Researching about your ancestors is both an intimidating and exciting experience. Many have come out feeling disappointed but many more have become positively changed because of what they went through.

One of the ways genealogists can go deeper into go on a road trip. If you’re a first timer, don’t fret. Below are the best practical tips you should know before starting out on the long road ahead.

1. Visit relatives

When we talk about genealogy, most people would think to go straight to the library or any historic center. Well, to tell you the truth, your first stop should be your relatives.

Ask the older ones in the family where your other relatives reside. Phone them in just to be sure they’re still living in the area and actually want to talk to you about family history.

2. Locate a grave.

If you are headed to a cemetery, you can make the best out of your trip by learning the grave’s exact location. You can call the cemetery and ask if the names you have exist in their area.

Find A Grave accepts people’s requests in taking photographs of the deceased relatives’ headstones. Just be sure you’re looking at the right cemetery.

3. Be nice to the people you meet.

Whether it’s going to be your relatives, a librarian or an archivist, you need to be polite and nice. Keep in mind that you’re the one in need and these people are the only ones who can help you out.

Simple manners and courtesy will get you a long way.

4. Be warned of language barriers.

A lot of families come from different countries of origins. You American great grandmother could’ve married a Swedish man during her time. This entails a lot of ‘hitting two birds with one stone’ so be ready for that.

If you can speak their language, that’s great. If you have a friend that knows how, that would also be a big plus.

When going on a genealogy trip, one must be really ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Keep these thoughts in mind to make the best out of your trip.

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