Find a Family Search Center near you to get help with genealogy is one of the best genealogy websites out there. Considering there are over 4,500 facilities in 80 countries, it’s proven itself to be a great one-stop shop for all things genealogy.

While the biggest home base they have is in Salt Lake City, Utah, there are ways for you to find the nearest FamilySearch center. Here’s how.

What can family centers provide you with?

1. Genealogical resources

The very reason why FamilySearch exists is for you to get the best genealogy experience possible. Once you reach a center, you have free access to over 2.5 million microfilms in 100 countries.

With this, you’ll be able to do your research far better and quicker considering the accessibility of the tools you need.

2. Research classes

Another feature of the center is an opportunity to enroll to classes to help your research. If you’re in dire need of a 101 in doing more effective research, then coming to a center can greatly help.

3. Research support

Apart from teaching you how to do research, you’re going to be helped by the people in the center with your personal family history. This is perfect for those who want to save a lot of time, effort and money in doing genealogy.

How to find a Family Search Center

1. Head over to their website.

One way for you to get a hold of a location is to go to this link: It will show you a few blanks to fill, like your city, state, country and postal code.

Fill this up and see which hit you can find that’s nearest you.

2. Do an advanced search.

If you want to get more refined results and specific ones, you can do an advanced search.  Simply click on this link: and you’ll be asked to fill in your address as well as the LDS place nearest you.

This allows you to find the specific location of a center for easier navigation.


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