Common frustrations when using genealogy software

Tracking ancestral history can be such a pain. There’s just so much mental, physical and even emotional exhaustion involved. That’s why even genealogists need help— in the form of various software.

While programs like The Master Genealogy, Family Tree Maker and Legacy have its perks, they can be developed to serve so much better. Sure they help out genealogists but there are still many factors that could be studied in order to deliver more accurate results.

So what are some ways to develop these genealogy software?

1. Ability to change invalid data

It can be very frustrating to find out wrong data listed in your ancestral history. What is even more frustrating is that you can’t even change or edit it for future reference.

Genealogy software don’t allow users to change or mark invalid data. This can be very disadvantageous to the next genealogists who would be looking at the same set of information. In turn, it compromises the quality of results as well as wasting tremendous amount of time.

2. There aren’t any maps

Another frustration genealogists experience with software is the lack of maps. This is a basic need for any researcher who needs to find out about the current location of their long lost relatives, directions to the cemetery where deceased relatives are and other places genealogists need to go.

Maps are a great tool to anyone who needs ancestral information so it would be a very good addition.

3. The prospect of multiple trees

Family trees are essential to any genealogist. It visually shows you how each relative is related to another. The letdown of software is it doesn’t visually show you that you have multiple trees. Faded names make it more difficult to go back to the tree and make assessments every now and then.

4. A deeper description

What separates one name from another is the mere line of birth and death. it would be great if software had more to say about an individual: What his/her stories, accomplishments or background are.

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