Ask the questions while you still can

Effective genealogy is all getting the best quality results you can. Whether it’s through archives, personal accounts or shared stories, it’s critical that you get all the necessary information.

While many only become interested once they’re old and grey, the best advice to get the quality result you want is to ask questions now.

Most of the successful genealogists start young. Why?

1. Because you have time to spend with the older generations.

As a young person, you’re gifted with the presence of your parents, grandparents and all the older relatives you still have around you.

While you’re young and they’re still alive, spend time with them and naturally learn the highlights of their lives as well as the clan itself. You’ll miss those days when your grandfather would sit beside you and begin with “Back in my day..” or “I remember when..” stories.

2. Because you have the opportunity to ask them questions.

You can end up annoying your old relatives but hey, they’re still alive and you’re given a unique opportunity to ask questions.

Compared to hunting through old photographs and archives in the library, you have a shot at hearing a first account story of the milestones your lineage took. Apart from that, there are specific details they an only divulge and could never be available anywhere else.

3. Because you’ll never know when they’re gone.

Anything can happen to anyone. It’s going to hurt but your relatives can die anytime. This goes beyond becoming a successful genealogist. It’s you realizing that you need to spend as much time with your loved ones.

Once these significant people are gone, you’ll never have a chance to hear their stories anymore, much more ask them any questions.

Everything is ephemeral. That’s what counts for an effective genealogy so make sure to ask questions as early as you can.

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