“Ancestry” Over “Genealogy”: Trending Terms In Google

Researching about one’s ancestral history has become increasingly popular over the years. Since the hit show Who Do You Think You Are started airing on NBC in 2010, it’s no wonder more people became their own genealogists.

One of the most common ways genealogists do research is through the Internet. Thanks to Google, the most powerful search engine there is, it’s become a lot easier to search for information— but not all the time.

According to Google Trends, the keyword “ancestry” has become more popular and information-rich compared to “genealogy”. That’s why some who would use the latter end up with less data.

Let’s take a look at how the terms progressed over the years, with a little help from Google Trends and Luxegen Genealogy.

Is it because of the hit series?

Before 2010, the trend for the word “ancestry” was just constant. When the hit series Who Do You Think You Are aired, the keyword sparked and became more used than ever before.

This could be because the show is sponsored by Ancestry.com, a genealogical website considered to be the most reliable today. That and of course, the word “ancestry” is used many times throughout the show.

Common terms used

Believe it or not, majority of researchers no longer use “genealogy” online. In fact, many of these people can’t even spell the term properly. That’s why they opt for more commonly used terms such as “ancestry” or “free ancestry”. Even in a casual conversation, researching for your “ancestors” would be more common than saying I’m doing a “genealogical” research.

In the graph below, you could see the steady decline of the words “genealogy” and “family tree”

Other results of the study show that those who want more specific results include the word “ancestry” more often compared to “genealogy”.  This only shows how well the word has been executed, developed and used worldwide.

So if you want to have a more fruitful research, start by using the more popular keywords.

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